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We are living in an extraordinary age --when people can become friends all over the world without ever leaving home. But to truly be friends, there seems to be the need to seal that bond with a face-to-face meeting.

In 2000 one of my cyberspace acquaintances cemented the link between us by driving more than a thousand miles just to meet me. We have been fast friends ever since. During that first week, while Catherine Austin Fitts worked on one computer in my house, I sat at another and researched people who had been involved in an attempt to derail her life and who had, in fact, destroyed her  business.
From  that  first  week together, I wrote  a  series of articles called "Why Harvard Protects the Drug Trade, which is posted to the list on the home page.  On each subsequent summer visit Catherine made to Texas, more research was done and added to the newmakingnews website, which became a long series called "Follow the Yellow Brick Road: From Harvard to Enron," first published online by Kathryn "Kate" Dixon at the website which Kate had graciously kept maintained, while allowing other researchers, such as Scoop News in New Zealand, to republish it. My thanks go to all those who have read and appreciated this work and shared it with others. Much has happened in the decade since then, and it is my intention eventually to revise that research here.

A few years after our first meeting, Catherine met a husband and wife team--Chris Sanders and Elizabeth Savage--who hired me to research historical events that I found interesting and to write a monthly piece for their website called "Sanders Research Associates." Those articles appeared at their website for several years but have recently been removed. Some of those essays were posted on the Minor Musings website, and they are in the process of being transferred to this new blog.

Research continues daily. Just reading and understanding the events of the world today is impossible without doing research into who the players are, their family and educational backgrounds, with whom they have been associated in business, and whom they married.

Please comment below if you like or dislike any of the work I have done or if you simply have suggestions for further research.

Linda Minor, July 2010

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